Gammal byrå i ny skud

För ett tag sedan så fyndade jag en byrå. Kärlek vid första ögonkastet, men det stod reserverad. Typiskt! Skrev upp mig på en reservlista och secondhandbutiken skulle ringa sen på nästa morgon om den fanns kvar. Ingen som ringde. Sen vid lunch ringde de plötsligt, och då hade reservlistan växt ytterligare och de ville veta om jag ville ha den eller om den skulle gå vidare till nästa på listan. :)
Kan säga att det var många som slängde blickar på möbeln de tre gånger jag var där och tittade....många som suckade olyckligt när det stod reserverad.

Byrån är ett par hundra år gammal och antagligen finns ingen exakt likadan. Den är jättefin, bilderna gör den absolut inte rättvisa. Den har antagligen varit oälskad och bortglömd ett bra tag. Stått i en lada eller något sådant. Fick skura bort en massa äcklig spindelväv och lite ohyra.... Därefter slipades den och grundades med oljebaserad färg. Inte så förtjust att måla med något annat än vattenbaserad färg, men ville vara säker på att den underliggande brunröda färgen inte slog igenom... och på bilden nedanför kan ni se resultatet. Hade lite problem att bestämma mig för vilka handtag det skulle bli men det verkar ha suttit runda på den ursprungligen så det fick bli så igen.

Well, I bought an old drawer a while back. It was brown and ugly. It had probably been unloved for a long time. I removed the color and then painted it in white...then it went a couple of weeks and today I finally but one some new handles on it. 


Eurovision song contest

Well, this year I thought there were several of good songs. And yes, the right song won. I actally heard it earlier today on the radio and used Shazam to tag it (Shazam is just great if you want to know what song is playing). I didn't know the song was going to be in ESC but I liked it a lot!

Anyway, I sat in front of the tv and worked on a drawing. I will work on it more tomorrow.

Today was a very warm day here in Sweden. I and the oldest kid went for some shopping today and I saw this sign... I wonder what the husband would say if I bought it?


Spring time!

Lovely Spring flowers!

And a wonderful day because today my little boy turned 11 months :) And he is alive and healthy :)
I had huge scare tonight. My baby boy often wakes me up around 8 times during night, but today he only woke me up one (1!) time. I woke up around half five and couldn´t see him breathing. I even put my hands on him but he lay still and he felt a bit cold. It was so scary that moment when I thought he was dead. The earth stood still and a million thought went through my head. Do I need to say that I woke him up? He was so tired, he started sleeping again a second later.....I guess learning to crawl takes his toll on him. I didn't manage to go back to sleep, but still happy. You never know what you have until you (almost) lose it. Take care of your loved ones!


Function before for or?

Well Garden Girl makes beautiful stuff to use in the garden. A bit more expensive and not as comfortable to hold (and use?) as another cheaper brand...what should a girl buy? Not as easy to decide as one would have hoped....

Planting some flowers

Yesterday I spent an hour planting some flowers. I got a beautiful planting table a few weeks ago but found myself on my knees on the ground planting as usual... Old habits are hard to get ridd off.


I went to some stores in another town and found a bunch of things to add to my want-list...


Second hand

I and the baby went to two second hand stores in town.

Didn't really find anything, but saw this furniture for 500 sek, would probably look much better in white. Kind of liked the clean straight lines of the upper part. The upper part actually looks a little like a furniture I saw at Ikea on Tuesday and that is on my want-list since then.
Second hand:




Well, I suddenly started drawing a skeleton. Scary, huh? Also from Pirates of Caribbean.

40 minutes of drawing

And here he is...not finished yet but hopefully soon.



I have never painted superheros before in my entire life but now my oldest boy just love Batman, Spiderman and Superman...
How can I say no when he wants me to draw Batman? I felt pretty pleased with the result. My son, however said he didn't like it, he is one hard 4 year old to please.....

Progress so far:

Tomorrow I will color it with some copics and promarkers...

A fresh start

I have erased all old post and was going to start fresh. My blog was just about my kid(s) before and how funny is that to read? :) Well, their grandparents loved it but I just feel that there is other things to write about. My kids will of course be mentioned here but the main focus will probably be art, old furniture (I like to buy and fix them up) and other things that interests me.

I have also decided to start to write in english. I just feel most swedes probably know english well enough and it would be fun to reach a bigger group of readers than I would do if I continue to write in just swedish.

For easy access to my blog, just type www.reena.se

Newly baked bread. I'm not sure what it's called in english but in swedish it's called Surdegsbröd. It means that you let some flour and water stay in room temperatur for a few days so good bacterial starts to waken which makes the bread more healthy and gives it a special flavour.